Meher Baba, 1894 - 1969

Merwan, soon after Babajan's kiss
Sai Baba of Shirdi Upasni Maharaj, Sakori Tajuddin Baba, Nagpur Narayan Maharaj,

The Perfect Master Babajan under her tree, Pune, India.
The unveiling of Merwan’s Godhood came through a kiss on the forehead from an ancient woman. The white-haired Sadguru (Perfect Master) Hazrat Babajan, said to be over 120 years old at the time, was herself a living shrine. Originally from Baluchistan, Babajan had come to Poona over twenty years earlier, eventually settling beneath a particular neem tree on the roadside. There she lived day and night, whatever the weather, receiving the thousands upon thousands of pilgrims who came from every part of India to sit with her and take her blessing.
One evening, as Merwan was cycling by on his way home from the college, Babajan beckoned to him. He got down from his bicycle and walked over and sat with her in silence. At the end of their meeting, the ancient Perfect Master kissed Merwan on the forehead, and he rose and went immediately home.
On various occasions when Merwan visited Babajan in the months that followed, she would point to him and say, "This child of mine will one day shake the world."
Over a period of nearly seven years following Babajan’s momentous kiss, Merwan was drawn to contact four other Masters in India who, like Babajan, had come to be recognized as spiritually perfect. Two of the best known of these Perfect Masters were the venerable old Sai Baba of Shirdi, revered as a Muslim saint, and Upasni Maharaj, a Hindu by birth. At different times in these early years, both of these Sadgurus of the Age publicly acknowledged Merwan to be the Avatar and sent disciples of their own to be with him. >>>



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