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Facts about
Meher Baba Information

Meher Baba Information was founded in the summer of 1967: truly, the “summer of (His) love.”

Meher Baba Information has, for most of its fifty-seven years, been widely and affectionately known as “The Box,” because our mailing address has always been the same post office box, that is, Box 1101, Berkeley, California 94701.

Meher Baba Information has been a nonprofit charitable corporation registered in California since 1972.  All the work done here is by volunteers—we have never paid salaries, living expenses or any remuneration to any Box workers, and our guidelines are to remain all-volunteer throughout the life of our organization, well into future generations.

Do you have a “Don’t worry—Be happy!” card from Meher Baba Information? It could be our 250,000th, which is approximately how many we have printed since early 1970.

We have well over 200 items in our inventory of books and other materials related to Avatar Meher Baba, with more out-of-print items available through our catalog than from any other source worldwide!  (Current inventory, owing to a pending move, is limited to our most recently published books and the 2024 Meher Baba Calendar.)  We have sent free information, books and other materials about Avatar Meher Baba to the following countries, continents and principalities: the U.S., Canada, the USSR (and later, to Russia and Lithuania), England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia (and later, to both Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina), Czechoslovakia, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, Monaco, Hong Kong, Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Mauritius, Algeria, Antarctica, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Pakistan and even India! (Yes, we have overlooked a few places, but some of our files are in storage!)

We maintain an extensive literary, audio, film and video archives of the Advent of Avatar Meher Baba, and we have been working on collecting, preserving, indexing and preparing to make these materials available to interested people for nearly five decades.

“The Box” has published several books (The Everything and the Nothing, AvatarThe Word at World’s EndIn Dust I SingTales from the New Life with Meher BabaDarshan HoursLet’s Go to MeherabadAvataric AdventsMy Life with Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age, and Three Messages from Avatar Meher Baba), along with countless pamphlets, posters, cards and booklists.  (The “Don’t worry—Be happy!” poster, for decades a fixture on the wall at Juan’s Mexican Restaurant in Berkeley, sparked the creation of the international musical hit “Don’t Worry—Be Happy!”)

Since our inception, we have sent books and other materials concerning Meher Baba to prisoners and penitentiaries throughout the United States, always free of charge, often in multiple copies to help supply their libraries.

All donations to MEHER BABA INFORMATION have been tax-deductible since 1972. 

Your support helps to spread the Message of the Avatar of the Age in a manner “befitting the Avatar,” our objective from the outset.


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