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The Travail of the New World Order

The world storm that has been gathering momentum is now having its greatest outburst, and in reaching its climax it will work universal disaster. In the struggle for material well- being, all grievances have assumed fantastic proportions; and the various differences of human interests have been so accentuated that they have precipitated distinctive conflict. Humanity has failed to solve its individual and social problems, and the evidence for this failure is very clear. The incapacity of people to deal with their problems constructively and creatively reveals a tragic deficiency in the right understanding of the basic nature of man and the true purpose of life.

The world is witnessing an acute conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. On the one hand, there are selfish persons who seek their happiness blindly through lust for power, unbridled greed, and unrelieved hatred. Ignorant of the real purpose of life, they have sunk to the lowest level of civilization. They bury their higher selves in the wreckage of crumbling forms that linger on from the dead past. Bound by material interests and limited conceptions, they are forgetful of their divine destiny. They have lost their way, and their hearts are torn by the ravages of hate and rancor. On the other hand, there are persons who unveil their inherent higher selves, through the endurance of pain and deprivation and through noble acts of bravery and self- sacrifice. The present war is teaching man to be brave, to be able to suffer, to understand, and to sacrifice.

The disease of selfishness in mankind will need a cure that is not only universal in its application but drastic in nature. Selfishness is so deep-rooted that it can be eradicated only if it is attacked from all sides. Real peace and happiness will dawn spontaneously when there is a purging of selfishness. The peace and happiness that come from self-giving love are permanent. Even the worst sinners can become great saints if they have the courage and sincerity to invite a drastic and complete change of heart.

The present chaos and destruction will engulf the whole world, but in the future this will be followed by a very long period in which there shall be no war. The passing sufferings and miseries of our times will be worth enduring for the sake of the long period of happiness that is to follow eventually. What will the present chaos lead to? How will it all end? It can only end in one way: mankind will become sick of it all. Man will be sick of wanting and sick of fighting out of hatred. Greed and hatred will reach such intensity that everyone will become weary of them. The way out of the deadlock will be found through selflessness. The only alternative that can bring a solution will be to stop hating and to love, to stop wanting and to give, to stop dominating and to serve.

Great suffering awakens great understanding. Supreme suffering fulfills its purpose and yields its true significance when it awakens an exhausted humanity and stirs within it a genuine longing for real understanding. Unprecedented suffering leads to unprecedented spiritual growth. It contributes to the construction of life on the unshakable foundation of the Truth. It is now high time that universal suffering should hasten humanity to the turning point in its spiritual history. It is now high time that the very agonies of our times should become a medium for bringing a real understanding to human relationships. It is now high time for humanity to face squarely the true causes of the catastrophe that has overtaken it. It is now high time to seek a new experience of Reality. To know that life is real and eternal is to inherit unfading bliss. It is time that man had this realization by being unified with his own Self.

Through unification with the higher Self, man perceives the infinite Self in all selves. He becomes free by outgrowing and discarding the limitations of the ego-life. The individual soul has to realize with full consciousness its identity with the universal Soul. Man shall reorient life in the light of this ancient Truth and will readjust his attitude toward his neighbors in everyday life. To perceive the spiritual value of oneness is to promote real unity and cooperation. Brotherhood then becomes a spontaneous outcome of true perception. The new life that is based upon spiritual understanding is an affirmation of the Truth. It is not something that belongs to utopia but is completely practical. Now that humanity is thrown into the fire of bloody conflicts, through immense anguish it is experiencing the utter instability and futility of a life based upon purely material conceptions. The hour is near when man in his eager longing for real happiness will seek its true source.

The time is also ripe when humanity will ardently seek to contact the embodiment of Truth in the form of the God-Man (Avatar), through whom it can be inspired and lifted into spiritual understanding. It will accept the guidance that comes from divine authority. Only the outpouring of divine love can bring about spiritual awakening. In this critical time of universal suffering, humanity is becoming ready to turn toward its higher Self and to fulfill the will of God. Divine love will perform the supreme miracle of bringing God into the hearts of man and of getting him established in lasting and true happiness. It will satisfy the greatest need and longing of mankind. Divine love will make people selfless and helpful in their mutual relationships, and it will bring about the ultimate solution of all problems. The new brotherhood on earth shall be a fulfilled fact, and nations will be united in the fraternity of Love and Truth.

My existence is for this Love and this Truth. To suffering humanity I say:

Have hope. I have come to help you in surrendering yourselves to the cause of God and in accepting His grace of Love and Truth. I have come to help you in winning the one victory of all victories—to win your Self.

Meher Baba smiling holding both hands