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Meher Baba Information

Meher Baba Information is a non-profit corporation devoted to spreading Avatar Meher Baba’s Message of Love and Truth. We are all-volunteer driven with no paid staff since our inception and as a continuing foundation-stone policy, founded in 1967 and incorporated as a federally non-profit corporation in 1972, with the purpose of providing a source for information about Avatar Meher Baba at a time when few such resources existed. Over the decades, Meher Baba Information has served as a “window” to the Life and Message of Meher Baba for the public as well as for Baba-lovers worldwide. Our mission is to make Avatar Meher Baba’s Message of Love and Truth, along with information about His Life and Work, readily available to the general public without proselytizing.

Introductory information about Meher Baba has always been given away free to anyone interested in knowing more about Him, and we have published a number of books, pamphlets and posters with the aim of making information about Meher Baba more readily available. All our publications can be found under Books & Resources. If you have any questions about Avatar Meher Baba, about the local meetings and places of pilgrimages connected with Him, or about any of the books and materials listed in our catalog, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meher Baba Information has distributed books and related materials by and about Avatar Meher Baba since 1967. Our inventory of books, pamphlets, posters and music includes older, hard-to-find titles, including many that are out of print. A partial list of publications by Meher Baba Information since 1967: first American edition of THE EVERYTHING AND THE NOTHING by Meher Baba; first reprint of AVATAR by Jean Adriel since 1947; DARSHAN HOURS, a collection of conversations with Meher Baba at Guruprasad, Poona; Francis Brabazon’s THE WORD AT WORLD’S END and IN DUST I SING; TALES FROM THE NEW LIFE (accounts by Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Eruch); Bhau Kalchuri’s LET’S GO TO MEHERABAD; AVATARIC ADVENTS by Jim McGrew; THREE MESSAGES BY AVATAR MEHER BABA (on working for Meher Baba); and countless posters (“The Ancient One,” “You and I are not we, but One,” and “Don’t Worry–Be Happy!” plus many more; pamphlets; and cards, including over 250,000 “Don’t Worry–Be Happy!” cards. In 2010, we reprinted a newly updated “Universal Message,” several thousand of which have been distributed free to many of the major Meher Baba centers in the world. With your contributions you will have the privilege of participating in this work, which Meher Baba first personally directed and encouraged from 1967 until He dropped His body in 1969.

Although a large portion of our inventory remains unavailable owing to a pending move, all currently available books are listed under Books & Resources. Please check back periodically for up-to-date pricing and availability of our inventory. For all other Meher Baba related books and materials, see Sheriar Books.

More information regarding our shipping and returns can be found on Shipping & Returns.

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Your contributions and bequests are most welcome-entirely tax-deductible and will go exclusively in supporting the work of spreading Beloved Baba’s Message.


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