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Countless thousands of people of every major religious tradition recognize Meher Baba as “God in human form” —the Christ, the Prophet, the Savior, the Messiah of this Age. Baba stated explicitly that he is the Ancient One, the Divine Incarnation or “God-Man” whose Advent has been anticipated in many of today’s religious and spiritual traditions in India also known as the “Avatar”.

“Avatar” —a Sanskrit word literally meaning “Descent of God.” Although the doctrines of some religions contend that such manifestations of God have occurred only once in history, through only one particular God-Man or another, the mystical teachings behind all the great religions of the world indicate that the appearance of the Avatar is far from a once-upon-a-time event. 

Whether working with lepers and the poor; providing free medical care to the needy; whether bringing fresh insight to every aspect of the spiritual quest through discourses and books, or meeting the multitudes, or providing individual guidance to followers around the world —Baba uttered no words. Instead communicated most compellingly through the language of his Love.

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With your contributions you will have the privilege of participating in this work, which Meher Baba first personally directed and encouraged from 1967 until He dropped His body in 1969.


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