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OFFER #1 –2024 Meher Baba CALENDAR


This year, as Meher Baba Information celebrates its 57th year of providing information about the Avatar of the Age, offering the 2024 Meher Baba Calendar is all about spreading Baba’s message.  With each calendar we will include three copies of the “Universal Message” pamphlet and five “Don’t Worry—Be Happy!” cards free of charge.  So with the coming year’s calendar you will receive material to share Beloved Baba’s Name and Message whenever the opportunity presents itself, always in a manner “befitting the Avatar” as Baba would so often say.  So:  1 Calendar; 3 Universal Messages; 5 Don’t Worry—Be Happy cards all for $11.50 plus postage.

See ABOUT US for more on Meher Baba Information.