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Avataric Advents (Paperback) – James H. McGrew


Meher Baba’s Perspective on the Descent of God on Earth

From the Introduction by Rick Chapman:

“Meher Baba permitted Jim McGrew to meet Him, during His very strict seclusion, in April, 1966, at Guruprasad Bungalow in Poona. The meeting was, in a word, life-changing, and shortly thereafter Jim cut short his Peace Corps stint in India and returned to America….

“….From early on Jim had a desire to write about Baba, and his desire has taken shape in this book with the idea of bringing together everything he could possibly find that Meher Baba has communicated about the Avatar. The result drives home how unique this Avataric Advent has been: never before in history accessible to us has the Avatar revealed so much about His periodic visits to earth and His work with mankind and all of Creation during those visits.

“With His numerous statements about God’s Incarnations as Zoroaster, as Ram, as Krishna, as Buddha; as Jesus, as Mohammed, and in this age as Meher Baba, Baba discloses countless previously unknown details and provides incredible insight about the single most important subject of all. For what, really, could be more important than the only event on earth when Reality meets Illusion?….

“This book goes a long way toward illuminating the true meaning of the “God-Man,” and it will remain a key text for all lovers of God for a very long time to come. Be grateful that it was written in time for you to read it, so early in the unfolding of this most recent Advent of God in human form.”

310 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-14-7

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310 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-14-7