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My Life with Meher Baba, The Avatar of the Age (Clothbound) – Meherwan B. Jessawala


Meherwan had the distinct advantage of taking his first darshan of Avatar Meher Baba while he was still in his mother’s womb. Baba was visiting the Jessawala family home in Nagpur, and Gaimai, Meherwan’s mother, was pregnant with him at the time. her embrace of Baba brought the unborn Meherwan into a contact with God in human form that would never be broken, a unique intimacy that would continue throughout Meherwan’s lifetime.

In this Advent many have had the privilege to live with the God-Man and to serve him as one of His intimate disciples, but few have lived within the closest orbit of His Love from literally before birth to death as Meherwan did. This book contains his story of that most remarkable life, a story that includes anecdotes familiar to lovers of Meher Baba and episodes and events never told before. Meherwan’s observations provide a perspective unique in the annals of Baba literature, a personal take on life with the Avatar that sheds a special light on what it means for God to take on a human form for His Avataric work in Creation. His experience and his insights will grow on you – grow within you – leaving you changed: a Baba-lover with new understanding, with fresh vision and a deeper commitment and determination to strive to make the most of your divine privilege of knowing about the most recent Advent of God in human form.

709 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-19-2

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709 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-19-2