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Three Messages (Paperback)


Avatar Meher Baba

The three messages by Avatar Meher Baba presented here all revolve around a common theme: that His lovers must eventually “grow up” in His Cause. The God-Man’s frankness in these messages is sometimes disarming, as He establishes the foundation for how work in His Name should be done in the years, decades and centuries to come. And His warnings of various pitfalls, in working for Him and in striving to follow Him in general, provide invaluable guidance for His lovers new and old.

Lovers of Meher Baba, dive deeply into the Treasure Chest of these unique messages! They define the very essence of work for the Avatar, just as they so compassionately offer boundaries within which the lover’s quest to love and to serve his Beloved can remain one-pointed and true. These messages, from another time, are for all time for that one who lives only to please the Divine Beloved.

52 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-17-8

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52 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-17-8