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The Empty Chair (Paperback) – Barbara Bamberger Scott


Meher Baba’s 1969 Darshan

When Barbara Scott first mentioned that she was thinking of writing about Meher Baba’s 1969 Darshan at Guruprasad in Poona, I knew that it would be an important book, but I had not yet wakened to the realization of how profound a moment in spiritual history this Darshan was.

In truth, I believe that the whole period that included this unique darshan program has been overlooked, taken for granted in a way, just as some of the other most astounding chapters in Meher Baba’s life get taken for granted by His lovers–after all, with the Divine Beloved of all beloveds as one’s own heart’s treasure, the activities of the world, however grand, pale. Baba lovers have simply become accustomed to having a Master Who is the rarest of all Spiritual Figures, Who–like Jesus and Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna, Ram and Zoroaster before Him–literally holds Creation in His palm and sets in motion a universal Wave of Love that inevitably charts a new course for all humanity. In this context, holding a darshan program for thousands from the East and the West while not attending in His physical Person–that is fascinating, it is impressive, it is mind-boggling, then again, almost everything about Him falls into the same category!

So here is the chance to revisit that Great Event, through the eyes and ears, the thoughts and the senses, of some of those who were there. You will not be disappointed–for it is the story of spiritual seeking at its most confounding and awe-inspiring, all at once. Now, let’s go back to the sixties, when the world was young…in Baba.

— Rick Chapman

365 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-15-0

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365 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-15-0